Invasion of the Capitol: Ivanka Trump is invited to testify in the House of Representatives

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The committee of the House of Representatives, which the case of the bloody invasion of the Capitol, on January 6, 2021, seeks to obtain a deposit from Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former president Donald Trump and his adviser to the White House.

In their letter to Ivanka Trump, the deputies state that they ask for her voluntary cooperation as part of their ongoing research and that their questions will be limited to issues related only to the events of that day, such as her role in the White House at the time and the activities that led to or influenced the invasion of the Capitol, reported by international news networks.

He is being called a member of the Trump family for the first time

This is the first time a member of the Trump family has been invited to speak about the events of January 6, according to the APE BPE.

The Member Benny Thompson, the head of the committee, suggested to Ivanka to come for deposition on 3 or on February 4.

The commission notes that Ivanka Trump was present at the Oval Office during important discussions before that day and attended a discussion between her father and the vice-president Mike Pence, on January 6th.

International media recall, on this occasion, that Donald Trump has tried many times to prevent other White House aides to hand over documents and speak to the committee, which he accuses of “partisan” investigation.

Ivanka Trump’s representatives, again, were not immediately available to comment the request of the committee.

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