Ischia: Yuki, the dog saved in the master’s car killed by the landslide

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His owner was killed by the landslide, he remained in the car, the only thing he recognized after the mountain took away his home and his family. Among the stories of the Casamicciola disaster is that of a dog who survived and remained in the car dragged by debris for tens of meters. Some volunteers saved him Civil protection.

Yuki, this is the name of the dog, lived with Giovanna Mazzella and Maurizio Scotto Di Minico, among the first victims of Saturday’s landslide together with their 21-day-old son. The little dog was left alone and took refuge in the carcass of a car overturned by the mud, probably that of his owner, entering through the rear window.

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«It was not easy to approach the dog, especially aggressive», he told theAdnkronos the manager of the Campania civil protectionClaudia Campobasso. When he was let out she bit. She didn’t let anyone near her. «He was left in the car and perhaps he also missed his master».

Adds John Capuano, Civil Protection volunteer: «We were forced to call vets who sedated him. In the meantime he has been placed in an enclosure set up by volunteers ». To the Corriere della Sera he explained: «The only explanation I give myself is that without a home or owners, he wanted to stay in the only place he felt familiar. For this reason he manifested aggressive behavior towards anyone who tried to approach him ». There is already one person who is ready to take care of him: she is the friend who gave him a few years ago to the couple. There are many animals left without a master or separated from their owners after the landslide.

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