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Japan will ask the country’s companies to refuse to pay in rubles

Japan will ask the country’s companies to refuse, if Russia so requests, to pay in rubles for their financial transactions, especially in the energy sector, said today the secretary general of the Japanese cabinet Hirokazu Matsuno.

Moscow announced last week that “hostile” countries to Russia should pay in rubles, not euros, for Russian gas after the US and European allies rallied to impose sanctions on Russia after the invasion. in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced today that Japan will ban the export of luxury goods to Russia, in one of the most recent measures taken in response to the invasion of this country in neighboring Ukraine.

The measure will take effect on April 5, and products banned from exporting to Russia include luxury cars, motorcycles, beverages, cosmetics, fashion products and works of art, the ministry said in a statement.

Russia describes its action in Ukraine as a “special operation”.


Source: Capital

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