Jason Derulo helps a waiter pay for his university and his gesture is applauded in networks

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In addition to being known for his hit songs and being a great dancer, another of the qualities that characterize Jason Derulo and by which people often locate him are the various altruistic actions he has performed throughout his career. Generous and spontaneous acts that perhaps many are unaware of, but that he occasionally has with the public.

The most recent occurred with a waiter in a restaurant in Omaha, United States, to whom the singer left a generous tip to reward him for his good service. The young man thanked the artist for the remuneration, since with that money he would pay for a semester at the university where he studies.

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Jason Derulo sitting with a book in his hand showing it to the camera

The lucky one who received a large reward from the American singer was a boy identified on Tik Tok as Jordan Schafferwho, through a video shared on his profile, recounted the act of kindness that Derulo had with him by leaving him five thousand dollars as a tip at Charleston’s restaurant, west of Omaha, where he works as a waiter.

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In the recording of barely 25 seconds in length and under the text in which he assures that having served the interpreter of walla and his family is one of the things that he will never forget, moved by the singer’s action, Jordan told his experience and showed a brief fragment of the moment in which Jason Derulo writes the amount of the gratuity for his service, while you can see to the guy standing by the table saying his heart is beating too fast.

Hey, Jason, thanks. You just paid for a semester at my university. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough, so I hope you and your family have an amazing time in Omaha and I hope you visit us again. Thank you so much.

–Jordan Schaffer

Before the end of the recording, Jordan said he did not have enough words to finish thanking Jason for what he did for him, since the money he generously gave him for serving him in the restaurant was used to pay for a semester at the university. Furthermore, for all those who came to doubt his word, he showed the ticket with the amount of the tip that was much more than the consumption.

Ticket in which Jason Derulo tipped a waiter in Omaha

The clip did not take long to become popular on the social network, where thousands of users applauded the good gesture that the artist had with that young man, since he inadvertently helped him contribute to his studies.

Even Jason Derulo himself commented on the post, under a message in which he defined him as a good person and thanked him for treating his family well during his stay at the restaurant.

Source: Okchicas

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