Jerome Boateng investigated for injury to ex-girlfriend (who committed suicide)

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Twist a Berlin in the story of Kasia Lenhardt, the 25 year old model committed suicide two weeks ago. As reported by the image, in fact, theautopsy on the girl’s body highlighted un torn earlobe, so the power of attorney of Munich put the girl’s ex-boyfriend, the football player, under the magnifying glass Jerome Boateng, already investigated in the past for personal injury.

“The proceedings were reopened on February 10, 2021 because they got there new information as part of the investigation into the death in Berlin, which could give indications on a possible continuation of the procedureAre the words of the chief prosecutor Anne Leiding, reported by the German newspaper. “The investigation is still ongoing.” That is to say, this is not the time to shoot hasty conclusions.

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Of course, that the relationship between the two was turbulent it is not a mystery: «Kasia often has threatened to destroy me, to ruin my career, “said Boateng some time ago, Kevin-Prince’s younger brother. “He even threatened me with take off my children accusing me of domestic violence“. And the model replied by saying that the breakup actually stemmed from “Lies and infidelity” of the companion.

Where is it the truth it is not known, for sure there is that a a week away from the mega quarrel that marked the end of the love story, Kasia took her own life in her apartment. An episode that left her astonished Germany, where the girl was popular for participation in Germany’s Next Top Model. And it shocked Jerome, who immediately returned from Qatar where he was with the team.

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«Kasia is dead because of the haters, was a victim of envy and prejudiceHe said at first Cathy Hummels, wife of German defender Mats. Then last week it came under the spotlight a confidentiality agreement stipulated between the model and the footballer, which provided for dizzying penalties if she releases information about their 15 months of love. Now, here it is the autopsy exam.

And another twist.

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