Joe Biden wants second term as US president – ​​’A good day for democracy’

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US President Joe Biden said again on Wednesday that he “intends” to run for a second term in 2024, but he will confirm it “at the beginning of next year”. “My intention is to be a candidate,” the Democratic occupant of the White House said during the press conference dedicated to the results of the midterm elections, clarifying, however, that it would be a “family decision.” Mr. Biden, the oldest US president ever elected, will turn 80 in a few days, and the prospect of running again isn’t exactly appealing to public opinion, not even the Democratic party. He made it clear yesterday that his choice will not depend on that of his Republican rival Donald Trump, who despite coming out of the midterm elections rather weakened is expected to announce that he will run for the presidency in 2024 next week from his residence in Florida. “I feel absolutely no pressure to choose today, tomorrow, anytime, regardless of what the predecessor does […]
Source: News Beast

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