K. Nehamer: Zelensky is afraid for the existence of his country and his life

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fears both whether Ukraine will continue to exist as a state and his own life, Austrian Chancellor Carl Nehamer said after a telephone conversation.

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“The Ukrainian president started by saying that he was speaking from a country that no longer knows how long he will exist and as a president he does not know how long he will be alive,” Nehamer said in a dramatic tone during a joint press conference with The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Zender, in Vienna. “There are many dead and wounded. The Ukrainian president is asking Europe and the world for help and is afraid for his country to survive,” he said, adding that Moscow was “violating international law and not claiming the rule of law, but the law of force “. As a neutral country within the EU, Austria categorically rejects this, he stressed.

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Both Carl Nehammer and Marcus Zeder have assured that they will support countries directly affected by potential refugee flows.


Source: Capital

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