Kate Middleton and Camilla: different battles, but the same (big) heart

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The fighting spirit, which tends toempathy. And a vocation to do good, taking advantage of one’s role. Kate Middleton And Camilla Shand they are two women very different: come from different backgrounds, such as the experiences who have lived. Both, however, since I joined in the Windsor house, they began to fight for some important ones social causesof which they are considered today paladins.

On the one hand there is Princess of Wales41 years old, focused on thematic related to childhood: visits schools and kindergartens, does gardening with the childrenencourages their outdoor activity, takes care of their health physical and mental. On the other there is the queen consort, 75 years old, firmly on the side of women who suffer abuse, in the very front line against all types of domestic violence.

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“My journey in understanding theimportance of early childhood, actually, it started with the adultsnot with children,” Kate explained in June 2021, announcing the opening of the Royal Center For Early Childhood. “Talking to industry experts about what we could do in terms of prevention mental healthI realized that the best investment is in first five years of life».

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“We must become everyone more aware that that phase of life is crucial for serenity future», he added, publishing on the association’s website a report entitled Big change starts small. “My hope is that we can change the way we think to early childhood, which is the period when let’s start managing impulses and to create a healthy relationship, with ourselves and with others».

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On another frontinstead, the battle of Camilla, patroness of beyond is concentrated 100 charitiesincluding the charity Save Lives. In October, in his first commitment as queen consort without her husband Carlo, she went to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital of London, a structure that provides assistance to women victims of Domestic violencehelping them with financial, housing and legal matters.

“We have to eliminate the lies, the words and actions that protect a culture where you abuse are considered normal and the victims driven to feel shame,” said King Charles’s wife in the past, who in 2016 she didn’t hold back the tears listening to some testimonies. “I will continue to fight for all my life certain topics. I’m not the type of person to quit half things».

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But what is the relationship between Kate and Camilla? They have been appearing for years in perfect harmonyalthough at first it seems that the relationship wasn’t so casual. According to the biographer Robert Lacey in the book Battle of Brothers, would have been the former Duchess of Cornwall a break the ice and approach William’s wife, confiding in her «the secret to stay next to a busy prince».

If already at the time they also confronted each other on social issues it is not known, it is certain that today – in fact – they carry on different battles. But putting it the same (big) heart.

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