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Kilicdaroglu accuses Turkish authorities of preventing him from sending text messages to journalists

The leader of the Turkish opposition Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who will face the outgoing president on Sunday Recep Tayyip Erdoganin the second round of the presidential election elections, today accused the Turkish authorities of blocking the text messages of his campaign staff. Kilicdaroglu mainly wanted to inform reporters that he would be speaking live tonight on the private Fox channel.

“They blocked sms because they are afraid”, he said at the launch of the program, claiming it was done “by the Information and Communications Technology Control Authority (BTS) at the behest of Erdogan.”

“They are trying by all means to stay in power”, he continued, calling on “all workers to vote for their rights” on Sunday. “If you think you’re going to wait another ten years, don’t come complaining“, he added.

Shortly before the show began, Kilicdaroglu had posted a video on Twitter in which he denounced “the constant slanders, conspiracies, lies” at the expense of. “Now, I can’t text reporters to announce our schedule. Telecom companies are preventing me from sending messages, they blacked me out. I’m talking to you, Erdogan, do you want me to withdraw from the elections?”he said.

“There can’t be elections in Turkey, this man is a coward”he continued.

Erdogan, according to the Athens News Agency, won 49.5% in the first round of elections on May 14 to 45% for Kilicdaroglu, who is supported by six opposition parties, from the nationalist right to the left.

Source: News Beast

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