‘Kim Kardashian in Marilyn’s dress? A big mistake », word of the person who designed it

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Chatted, appreciated, criticized and even celebrated. Beyond any possible reaction you might have after seeing Kim Kardashian wearing the iconic dress Jean Louis from Marilyn Monroe to the Met Gala 2022 it remains only to congratulate the super influencer. Yes, because the goal of making people talk about themselves – even after some time – has been fully achieved.


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Yet there are those who, more than all, have knowledge of the facts in speaking. Who? Bob Mackie who, at the age of 23, in 1962 – at the dawn of his career – was working as an assistant to Jean Louis and drew the original sketch of the dress worn by the actress while she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Bob Mackie at the 22nd Costume Designers Guild Awards

Jon Kopaloff

In an interview with Entertainment Weeklythe designer expressed his opinion on the choice of the founder of SKIMS to wear the dress: “I thought it was a big mistake – and adds – [Marilyn] she was a goddess. A crazy goddess, but still a goddess. She was simply fabulous. Her dress was made and designed just for her. No one else should be seen in that dress“.

He doesn’t mince words Bob, never been a huge fan of Kardashian so much so that he once said: “They are very attractive and some are downright beautiful, but they are only famous for being famous“. Yet, the designer’s words echo the skepticism manifested by many, especially by historians worried about the seal and integrity of a dress that is a piece of American history.

But now it’s done. Kim climbed the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the dress – to then wear a replica – showing her marketing genius. Not just because the Met Gala 2022 will be remembered for this event, but also because the dress will now be remembered as that of 1962’s Marilyn Monroe is that Kim Kardashian he wore.


Source: Vanity Fair

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