Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s second child finally has a name!

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We waited a long time, but from today we will finally know how to name the second son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Aire. The story is known: shortly after the birth, the name chosen by the couple was Wolf, but it took a few hours for both to regret the choice and want to find another. If for the first name, haste was a bad adviser, for the second the two took all the time in the world to find the one that fit perfectly. And, this time, we’re here because it was the founder of Kylie Cosmetics with an Instagram post.

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Along with this eagerly awaited announcement, photos have also been posted super cute of child which, until a few months ago, we had only seen from behind or in circumstances where it was impossible to see the face. We can give not only a name to a face, but also a face to a name: it’s about time! Furthermore, Kylie Jenner, responding to the comments of one of her followers, also explained how to pronounce Aire: simply air. Now that the name is official, all the documents of the little Jenner family have also been legally changed who, in the records, was still registered as Wolf Webster.

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As you want the tradition of the Kardashian – Jenner house, names must always follow a rule, such as having the same initial. In this case, the line to follow is to choose something that has a certain connection with the natural elements and above all with the sky. So, first Stormi which refers to storm, and now Aire which is pronounced air, like air. What to say? In life, we would also need just a pinch of the imagination that the Kardashians – Jenners use to choose the names of their children.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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