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La Repubblica: Government to suggest Italians only load washing machine when full and take ‘quick showers’

THE Italian government tries to receive energy saving measures, so that the country can to face the winter with as few negative consequences as possible and between them he will suggest to citizens not to… yawn in the shower and to put the washing machine only when it is full.

Following the instructions of the Ministry of Environmental Transition, for one degree reduction in the temperature of the radiatorsit was clarified that this year in industries the temperature of the radiators should not exceed 17 degrees and in their homes 19. As has happened so far with the air conditioners, however, there will be “tolerance” for deviations of up to two degrees.

At the same time, as reported by APE-MPE, the government Dragi is going to give and useful advice to citizens. According to the newspaper La Repubblicaamong the main ones will be the to only load the washing machine when it is full of clothes, to unplug household appliances when not in use and not to waste time unnecessarily in the shower.

As for cooking, according to the Italian press, the government of Rome will advise citizens to lower the heat as soon as the water for the spaghetti boils and to limit, if possible, the use of the oven.

According to the television network of the Berlusconi group, finally, the Italian prime minister Mario Draghi has secured the necessary financial coverage for household and business support measures, which reportedly reach 8 billion euros. In the next few days, another 2 billion euros are expected to be added to the package of measures, from the August tax collections.

Source: News Beast

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