Lance Armstrong’s son arrested for sexually assaulting drunk 16-year-old

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His 21-year-old son controversial cyclist Lance Armstrong was arrested for an incident that allegedly took place in 2018 and involved sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his father’s house.

Luke David Armstrong is accused of sexually assaulting a minor, according to a police statement.

The event took place in June 2018, after a party at Austin of Texas when Luke was 18 years old. The alleged victim reported the incident to the police last November.

Armstrong’s lawyer, Randy Leavitt, denied the allegations, saying the sex between his client and the victim was consensual. He even said that 18-year-old Luke and 16-year-old had been having an affair for months.

“These allegations should not have been made and certainly not three years later,” the lawyer said of the fact that the victim waited 1.5 years to report to police.

The young man was released on Tuesday, without even a financial guarantee.

The victim told police he asked the young man to go pick her up at a party because he was drunk. She does not remember how they were found in Luke’s father’s house, as when he woke up he was on a couch watching sexually assaulted.

According to her, Luke confirmed his attack on the victim in a telephone conversation in December 2020.

THE His 49-year-old father has not taken a position on the fact…

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