Last: «I changed from the outburst in Sanremo in 2019». And in the meantime, Mahmood’s fans are responding on social media

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Taking a tour on social media on the afternoon of January 21st was an experience similar to a walk among armed guerrillas, given that fans of Last and fans of Mahmood have given rise to a real bickering fueled by the return of Niccolò Moriconi to San Remo Festival and some of his statements released in the press. «I return to the Festival with awareness and desire. Mine was an instinctive choice but at the same time reasoning about age, about 26, also had an influence: it’s not like if you go to stadiums you have to forget certain things. I really started from that stage and I want to close the circle with Sanremo in a different way,” said Ultimo al Corriere della Sera before recalling what happened on that stage in 2019: Mahmood’s victory, his second place, the outburst against journalists in the press room and the refusal to be photographed with the winner and third classified for Tv, Smiles and Songs.

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“I hope my return is the clearest answer I can give. I didn’t apologize directly, because I’m neither sorry nor proud. I’ve accepted what I’ve done for better or for worse because it brought me here today. I had to go through it and I came out changed», insisted Ultimo, even if this answer did not meet the taste of some Mahmood fans who have always seen in the Roman singer a silent enemy of their favorite. The fans, in fact, indulged themselves as if there was an invisible competition between the two artists linked to who has received the most awards, who has performed in front of the most spectators and, above all, who is better at it.

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The truth is that, over the years, Ultimo and Mahmood have gone their separate ways who, whether you like it or not, have rarely crossed paths. Whether or not they like each other after all these years is still unclear but, in the end, it would be their business too. What catches the eye is undoubtedly the animosity of the fans who, in order to defend their idol, would be willing to massacre their alleged rivals with an aggressiveness that we are sure would give the chills to those directly concerned. Meanwhile, beyond everything, it seems clear that, after two victories in Sanremo, one alone in 2019 and one with Blanco in 2022, Mahmood is continuing on his path, leaving in this round it is Ultimo to tread the stage again. Someone thinks that his song is among the favourites, but if he will be able to get on the podium once again and, above all, if he will take a missed victory more sportily, nobody can say (yet).

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