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Law prepared by ChatGPT is sanctioned in Porto Alegre

The mayor of Porto Alegre (RS), Sebastião Melo (MDB) last week sanctioned a bill presented by councilor Ramiro Rosário (PSDB) and which was prepared by ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool.

Municipal Complementary Law 993/2023 exempts the payment of a new water meter to the Municipal Department of Water and Sewage (DMAE) in case of theft. The councilor himself, who defines himself as “a curious person in the area of ​​technology”, revealed that the text had been written on ChatGPT.

Ramiro says he chose this bill to put the idea into practice because it is a law “very simple in its objective, but revolutionary in its form”. According to the councilor, he simply wrote a command that asked the tool to create legislation originating from the legislature dealing with this topic.

In addition to the justification and requested articles, artificial intelligence suggested improvements to the law, such as, for example, the maximum period for changing the water meter being set at 30 days. After this period, the citizen is exempt from paying the water bill for the month. The suggestion was included in the final text of the law.

The only change to the text written by artificial intelligence took place in the Legislative Review to adapt the project to the house’s rules.

In the councilor’s opinion, society will experience revolutions in several areas in the coming years due to artificial intelligence and politics could not be left out of these changes.

“Within public authorities, we have an infinite universe of possibilities: effectively reducing the need for HR [recursos humanos] and administrative, refined legislative technique and higher quality of work production”, he argues.

A CNN He contacted Porto Alegre City Hall to comment on the matter, but has not yet received a response.

Source: CNN Brasil

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