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Ledger: “We don’t collect sensitive user data”

Ledger: “We don’t collect sensitive user data”

The management of Ledger, which produces hardware crypto wallets, tried to refute rumors that the company collects information about users.

Carl Anderson, vice president of product development for consumer products at Ledger, announced that the data used to operate the service is completely confidential to employees:

“The method by which we calculate the number of assets protected by Ledger devices is 100% anonymous and relies on public data. We do not know who you are and in no way associate on-chain data with your personal information, even with your IP address. Mind you, we don’t want to know. Self-storage and sovereignty above all.”

The top manager added that the company analyzes the data received through Ledger Live in the BTC and ETH blockchains. This information makes it possible to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency placed on hardware wallets. Ledger Live is a publicly coded tool. Therefore, Anderson suggests that for those who are worried, to increase privacy, run their own node and set up a client.

Some time ago, the CEO of Foundation, the developer of Passport hardware wallets, Zach Herbert
drew attention to Ledger’s questionable claims regarding the collection of user information:

“During the 2021 funding round, Ledger bragged about how much cryptocurrency is stored on their devices. Think: how do they know this? The only way is to collect extended public keys.”

Recently, ConsenSys, the developer of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, followed the Uniswap decentralized exchange and announced that it collects data from users of the crypto wallet.

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