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Level of productivity is the biggest post-pandemic challenge, says author

The author of the book “You and your boat”, Betania Tanure, said in an interview with CNN this Sunday (25) that the “level of productivity is the biggest post-pandemic challenge”.

The book, released this week, investigates the changes imposed by the pandemic and addresses the most important topics in relation to management: the behavioral skills that all leadership needs to develop.

“Productivity doesn’t just happen by the number of hours, but especially by the energy, focus and competence that is put in a certain professional journey”, highlighted Tanure.

According to the author, the stress level of executives has never been higher. “When the tension is too high, there is no productivity that can be sustained”.

“No one is perfect, but a team can be. We, individually, have to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses to form teams that are complementary to us.”

“Valuing differences is what will make a team perfect”, he concluded.

See the full interview in the video above.

(Posted by Lucas Schroeder)

Source: CNN Brasil

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