Libya: Protesters stormed parliament – Mass protests across the country

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Effervescence prevails in Libya with thousands protesters to engulf many cities in the country, while a group stormed the parliament and ransacked the building, with the police leaving the scene and not intervening.

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According to the Reuters agency, protest movements were organized in many cities of Libya, mainly on the occasion of the interruptions in the electricity supply in the middle of the summer. In the Square of Martyrs of Tripoli, several hundred people gathered chanting slogans against both rival governments vying for power in Libya. This was one of the largest protests in the country in the last two years.

“We are bored, we are bored! The nation wants to overthrow governments! We want electricity!” shouted the demonstrators in Tripoli, demanding elections.

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Several dozen protesters also gathered in other cities, such as Benghazi. In Al Quba, in eastern Libya, residents demanded the resignation of all governments and political bodies that failed to raise the standard of living of the people.

Libya’s electricity sector has been undermined by war and political chaos as investment and maintenance work has stalled and much infrastructure has been destroyed. Lately, groups close to the government in eastern Libya have blocked oil facilities, reducing fuel supplies to power plants and worsening blackouts.

Source: News Beast

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