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Ludmilla has a US$8,000 bracelet stuck on her wrist: “Help me”

Ludmilla has been going through a rather chic trouble. Last Thursday (16), the artist shared with her fans and followers that a Cartier bracelet, valued at US$8,000, according to the brand’s official website, got stuck on her arm.

In a sequence of stories published on her Instagram profile, the singer said that she kept the jewelry which, in its design, appears to be a nail made of yellow gold.

Ludmilla asks fans for help

Upon realizing that she was unable to take off the bracelet, worn during a performance in Recife, Pernambuco, Ludmilla asked her fans for help.

“I’m trying everything you said,” she said, trying to get rid of the item with hot water and detergent, but the attempt was of no use.

“Guys, it didn’t come out. My hand is wrinkled from being in the water so much. Cartier, help! Someone from Cartier, guys, please help me. The business doesn’t want to go away, people,” she added in a video published in her profile stories.

Source: CNN Brasil

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