M. Voridis: The measures are taken according to the evolution of the pandemic

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The Minister of Interior, Makis Voridis, when asked to comment (ANT1) on the poll presented in yesterday’s ANT1 news bulletin and in which the majority of the respondents answered that the measures taken to stop the pandemic are delayed, that ” depending on the evolution of the pandemic “, explaining that if the Government had rushed to take measures earlier, then those who are protesting today that the measures are overdue, may have characterized them as unnecessary.

Mr Voridis spoke of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” in overwhelming percentages and stressed that “the vaccine has enabled us to turn the virus from a deadly weapon into a manageable one”.

The Minister of Interior stressed that the views of some deniers of vaccines and intubation are irrational and delusional, hastening to add that others, instead of taking a clear position, caress the ears of these audiences by not blaming them for their responsibilities.

Mr. Voridis, answering questions from journalists of the panel, also said that the view expressed by some and adopted by the official opposition that the Government is responsible for the deaths from the pandemic is wrong and dangerous, because it acquits those who have substantial responsibilities, saying categorically that if everyone had been vaccinated the epidemiological data would have been completely different.



Source From: Capital

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