Mako from Japan got married (and is no longer a princess)

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The Princess Mako, Niece of the Japanese Emperor Naruhito, she got married this morning in Tokyo. But without the carriages, the expansive bells and the celebrating people waving flags of the Rising Sun, as other royal weddings have accustomed us to. The princess, wearing an aqua green dress and holding a small bouquet of flowers in her hand (the only element that framed her as a bride) reached Tokyo City Hall by car, and, con a very reserved and not very solemn ceremony, signed the deed that united her with her bourgeois boyfriend Kai Komuro and took away her royal title forever. The announced press conference did not follow either: the princess was “in a strong state of anxiety” and only issued a written statement: “I realize that there are different views on our marriage. I am very sorry for the people we have disturbed. I am grateful to those who cared for us and supported us without being confused by unfounded information ».

Of course, apparently, all of this seems like the exact opposite of a fairy tale. But in modern fairy tales the way to get to live “happily ever after” is no longer what it once was. The only thing that has remained the same is the goal: to crown true love with the wedding. And that’s exactly what 30-year-old Mako did who for her plebeian love not only said goodbye to the Imperial House, but – in order to dispel any doubts about Kai the dowry hunter – it also has the severance pay of about one million and 100 thousand euros was refused which, according to the rules of the Chrysanthemum Throne, the Emperor grants the women of the Dynasty forced to leave their families in case of bourgeois marriage.

Only one princess, in fairy tales, had left the royal palace for love: Fiona di Shreck. But certainly Mako – who has been through several misadventures even before arriving at the wedding – will not go to live in a swamp with an ogre, quite the contrary. The new husband Kai, 30 years old too, is bourgeois, but above all he is a handsome young career lawyer, who studied as the princess at the Christian University of Tokyo (where they met and fell in love), and today, after others three years of study in the United States, he is about to work in a New York law firm. It is here – in Manhattan, it is assumed – that the non-imperial couple will move in after the wedding, probably living a less noble but more lively life than the one that Mako lived at home, especially in the last period.

The last four years for her, in fact, they were not the simplest. The marriage with Kai was expected in 2017, but has been postponed several times: first due to alleged financial troubles of Kai’s mother, who to support her son’s studies would have borrowed money without ever repaying it, then due to the doubts and discontent of the imperial family. (only mother Kiko has always understood and supported this love), then the pandemic that advised against any ceremony, and finally for the post-traumatic stress disorders that have affected Mako herself. Recently, the maternal grandfather, who was hospitalized urgently a few days before the wedding, had put the marriage to be considered “cursed”.

But in the end, as always in fairy tales, true love triumphed. After a lengthy one-and-ten-hour conversation with his uncle emperor Naruhito, Mako broke the ties, and with his first passport (as a member of the imperial family so far he didn’t need it) and the new name of Mako Komuro began the life she has chosen. And we hope for her that she is always happy and content.


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