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Manual do Mundo turns part of a jet plane into a titanium sword

Powerful machines, superheroes and giant robots. You already he must to have heard to speak of titanium in movies, books and comics out there. But in real life, it is a metal that belongs to group 4 of the periodic table (hello chemistry classes) and is known to be lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. That is, perfect to be used in the construction of airplanes and ships, for example..

In addition, titanium is also widely used in medicine as a prosthetic material. Almost a metal MacGyver.

Curious about that such resistance, Iberê Thenório, dO Manual of World it achieved one shovel of motor in one plane It is The put The prove it with some tests: there was a saw, a drill and even a water jet. All this to transform one of the most resistant metals into a sword. Check out:

Check out the full test:
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Source: CNN Brasil

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