Marcell Jacobs: “So I forgave my father”

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“I have yet to understand what happened. I realized a dream I had as a child. Thanks to my mental coach I understood that, in addition to the legs, the head also needed to be trained ». After the triumph in Tokyo 2020, Marcell Jacobs, guest of the first Sunday episode of very true kicks off on 18 September at 4.30 pm, he opens his heart and talks about a little bit of everything: from his relationship with his colleague Gianmarco Tamberi (“He has always been a point of reference”) to the alleged rivalry with Filippo Tortu (“It is normal for us is a healthy sporting competition.

Filippo has always been a great stimulus for me, he was the fastest in Italy and he always managed to beat me. It is a positive rivalry because it spurs us to give more and more “), until the desire to marry his partner Nicole Daza.

“We have already chosen the date, September 17, 2022 which is Nicole’s birthday, even if I have not yet made the proposal “explains Jacobs, who took advantage of the interview with Silvia Toffanin also to talk about the difficult relationship that has always linked him to his father:” Until the arrival of my mental coach he does not it existed, but there was something that stopped me even when I was running. I had to find the relationship with my father, so I looked for him and wrote to him “. And he adds: «Little by little we started talking and reconnecting. Now there is no longer the wall that was there before and I speak openly about him. I forgave him, I think it’s okay to give more chances, especially to those who brought you into the world ».

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From son to father. Marcell, despite his very young age, is already the father of three children, the first from a previous relationship, the other two from his current partner, Nicole: “I had the first when very young, I’ve always had a good relationship with him, but I didn’t give him all the time he deserved and that hurts me. The other two are earthquakes and all three have amazing physical gifts. I think I’m a good father ».

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