The CEO of the investment company Morgan Creek Capital shared his thoughts on the prospects for the introduction of the first cryptocurrency at the international level.

Mark Yusko during the Tech Path Crypto podcast lamented that about 80% of all bitcoins are concentrated outside the United States, and only about 20% of this cryptocurrency remains in the possession of Americans. Yusko emphasized that even if US citizens did not invest in BTC, this would not interfere with its daily functioning.

The head of Morgan Creek Capital says that bitcoin is especially in demand in countries whose national currency is subject to devaluation, such as Nigeria. In addition to the Nigerian naira, Yusko mentioned the Turkish lira, the Argentine peso and the Venezuelan bolivar. Given the unstable economies of all four countries, their citizens prefer gold and bitcoin.

Speaking about the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Yusko joked that they would be widespread around the time his six-month-old granddaughter began using money. The businessman is sure that she will no longer be able to use paper money and traditional wallets, which will be replaced by digital wallets and crypto assets.

Mark Yusko believes that the transition to digital currencies of central banks will be inevitable, as this is an important technological transformation of the payment system. At the same time, state stablecoins will not be able to dominate cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, CBDCs will help people realize the potential and opportunities of crypto assets.

At the end of last year, Mark Yusko suggested that over time, bitcoin could become an equivalent replacement for gold. And recently, a hedge fund manager said dog-themed meme cryptocurrencies have no real value because they were created as a joke.