Marriage at first sight 2021: why we cheer for Sergio and Jessica

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The most aficionados know that in all editions of Wedding at first sight there is always a couple that starts off slowly and then, for apparently inexplicable reasons, ignites and begins to take the experiment for what it is: an opportunity to get to know each other and understand if there is the basis for building a future together. This is the case with Jessica and Sergio, the apparently most incompotable couple who, already at the moment of the first glances exchanged at the altar, seemed to have very little in common. On the one hand, Jessica: control freak, tireless worker, in need of maintaining her autonomy and her dreams of growth. On the other Sergio: dreamer, traveler, more used to living adventures than to planning them in detail. The moment of the honeymoon, for them, risked being a point of no return: desires did not match, as well as the prospect of a future that for Jessica would always have had to do with career growth and that for Sergio would always be based on instinct and passion.

Sergio e Jessica in Marriage at first sight 7

Lorenzo Genna

Timidly, however, both Jessica and Sergio managed to tear down the walls and come towards each other. They did it with dialogue, with the desire to recognize the points of contact and not those of conflict and, above all, with the need to discover the most beautiful things that the other was able to give them. From there the complicity became absolute, and Jessica and Sergio, from being the couple “doomed” to capitulation at the time of the final choice, has become the most stable and the most likely to withstand the storm that will rage once the camera goes off. We had the opportunity to test it during the meeting with the other couples of Wedding at first sight, that moment «to Classmates” in which we try to understand if others are doing better or worse than us. Between the skyrocketing nervousness between Dalila and Manuel andMartina’s astral indifference to poor Davide, so beaten up during the episodes that he has earned the nickname of «mussel», Sergio and Jessica come to meet the serenity of those who are living the story while seeing all around stories that explode like firecrackers.

Faced with Manuel’s resignation, convinced that he will no longer be able to do anything to regain Dalila’s trust, and Martina’s sly smile, who almost enjoys seeing David so hopeful that a feeling could arise between them in the future, Sergio and Jessica present themselves as two statesmen, as two “experts” who listen to everyone and also try to propose solutions because it is not right that happiness is only theirs. The need to help, to listen and try to recompose the pieces of the couples (almost exploded) of this edition is, for the boys, an exercise in style, the proof that they were the only ones to have taken the best. that Wedding at first sight could give. The final choice is approaching and, regardless of how it goes, we know that Jessica and Sergio have done everything they can to make things work: a reason in itself to cheer them on.


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