Märtha Louise of Norway risks losing (for love) the title of princess

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There Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verrett, a shaman by professionthey are about to become husband and wife. The announcement of the wedding, after more than three years of (much talked about) engagement, arrived via social media last June: “I’m so happy to marry the Shaman Durek, the man who makes my heart beat,” Märtha had written on Instagram Louise. That perhaps she at the time she had not taken into account a detail not just: marrying Durek risks losing the title of princess. Because that marriage, at court, does not go down well with many. So much so that only this has been discussed at the Palazzo for weeks: to remove or not to remove the title, after the wedding, of the second child of King Harald V and Queen Sonja?

These are not mere assumptions of the tabloid press. It was the Crown Prince Haakon in person to confirm the indiscretion to journalists, admitting the centrality of the topic in the internal discussions at the palace: “It is a complex issue. On the one hand, my sister got engaged. I met Durek Verrett, I think it’s nice to be with him. I have been with him on many occasions and I would like you to feel welcome in our familyThe future sovereign of Norway said diplomat. Who then, however, also exposed the other side of the coin: “At the same time, however, I feel very responsible for the institution. Obviously we have noticed that some of what has been said and done has elicited quite a lot of discussion. Some issues have also been controversial. We are trying to find a good way to go ».

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There would therefore be nothing personal against Durek Verret in the eventual decision to deprive Märtha Louise of the title of princess. But the future ruler Haakon cannot ignore some “controversial issues“. In particular, the Verret’s public positions on health issues which angered the Norwegian people quite a bit. The shaman, for one thing, advertised a few weeks ago a medallion that, he claims, would be able to cure Covid.

Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verrett they have been together since 2019. Two years before she had divorced the writer Ari Behnthen committed suicide, with whom he had three daughters: Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora And Emma Tallulah. The princess’s relationship with a shaman who on social media defines himself as an “evolutionary innovator, spiritual hackerhuman rights activist ‘as well “Talented healer” and “bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world” from the beginning made several fans of the royal family turn up their noses. Not to mention the Norwegian media which immediately labeled Verrett as a crook. The royal family, for the sake and credibility of the Crown, cannot afford the luxury of ignoring the will of their subjects. And the subjects seem to have clear ideas. A poll conducted by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet revealed that according to 53.9% of those interviewed, Princess Martha Louise must be deprived of her title.

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If it really does happen, for Märtha it would be the second royal “relegation”. In the past her career in show business (she was a singer and the storyteller for children on television) it cost her the loss of the treatment of Royal Highness. Now she risks losing the title of princess for the sake of a shaman. And she will probably not even this time she will tear off her clothes. Because her life takes place far from the honors and obligations of the Norwegian court. In fact, she has been living since 2021 in America, where he founded a “School of Angels” which provides one «Training in clairvoyance and communication with angels“.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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