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Massa deepens fear campaign against Milei in tense final stretch in Argentina

In a final stretch marked by tension in the Argentine election, Sergio Massa’s team will use its last chips to further boost the campaign of fear launched against rival Javier Milei.

In the videos produced for the days leading up to the polls, the minister’s marketers decided to explore controversial themes that appear in the opponent’s speech, such as the relaxation of gun laws and the liberalization of the sale of organs.

The videos obtained by CNN invest in a strongly emotional tone, created by the team made up of Brazilian marketers appointed by the PT.

One of the pieces, which deals with the flexibility of weapons, shows images of discussions between two people in different situations.

The images are interspersed with the message “What if anyone could have guns?”

Accompanied by scenes of Milei defending total liberation in the sector, the same images reappear with the characters wielding weapons with the sounds of gunshots and screams in the background.

Sergio Massa's campaign says, in the police propaganda, that there would be the possibility of organ trade in Argentina in a possible Javier Milei government

Another piece suggests that Milei’s program would fuel a wave of kidnappings and murders to subsidize an illegal market for buying and selling organs.

The Peronist campaign shows scenes of a child being kidnapped followed by the message: “Boy, 16 years old, heart: 600 thousand dollars. If Milei keeps her promise to free the sale of organs, anyone can be a commodity.”

Image in advertisement by Sergio Massa makes a connection between Margaret Thatcher and Javier Milei: "whoever admires the executioners of the past dishonors our flag"

Yesterday, Massa’s campaign generated repercussions when he created a video with images generated with artificial intelligence, reproducing the bombing of the Argentine cruiser ARA Belgrano during the Falklands War. The scenes feature Margaret Thatcher, praised by Milei during the last presidential debate.

The “iron lady” is portrayed giving the order to shoot down the ship, which resulted in the death of more than 300 Argentine soldiers, in one of the most emblematic episodes of war in the country’s history.

A second video exploring Milei’s link with Thatcher is also scheduled to circulate in this final stretch of the campaign.

Source: CNN Brasil

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