Mau Nieto and other comedians who have been canceled due to harassment allegations

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As a result of the accusations of an alleged abuse that the producer of stand up Melissa Yamel lived on the part of ma grandsonthe complaint of another young woman arose, who said that the comedian drugged her at a party and then told her that it was a mistake, since the glass with substances was for a friend of his.

Due to these complaints, the different accusations of his macho and misogynistic comedy have been taken up and other comedians who have been accused of violating women with sexual assault have been recalled.

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mau grandson

Such is the case of Roberto Andrade “Uncle Robert”, who was pointed out in March of this year by the young Sofía Diaz for allegedly having harassed her on several occasions, even made public an audio in which the man acknowledged having abused one of his ex-girlfriends. Despite having reached legal terms, the comedian managed to distance himself from the accusation. However, his program, The happy houryes it was cancelled.

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But that’s not all, because they showed their support for the comedian, Solín and Alex Quiroz were also canceled from the program. To Chile.

Uncle Robert

One more case against a standup It’s of Eduardo Talavera Abbaid who in August of last year was accused by Nelly Roon of having tried to abuse her. Although the news was talked about on social networks and many people canceled it because of his behavior, the comedian had no other consequence than that.

Edward Talavera

The comedian of podcast Mythic Types, Renato Guillenwas pointed out on Twitter in March last year by a girl named Diana, who claimed that the standup he had touched her improperly and without her consent when she slept over at his house while they were friends. After this accusation, more complaints came to light from women who experienced the same thing. However, the case did not come to light.

Renato Guillen

Mau Nieto’s case is still very latent and it is unknown what will happen to his professional projects or if there will be legal repercussions. However, on August 17, through his Instagram account, the comedian issued a statement where he states that he is willing to clarify everything.

statement by Mau Nieto

Source: Okchicas

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