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Milei: I am very calm and we made all the efforts that could have been made

After being welcomed by a crowd at the polling place, presidential candidate Javier Milei said he is “very calm” and that the campaign “made all the efforts that could have been made” in the second round.

The ultraliberal candidate who cast doubt on the fairness of the voting process minimized, this Sunday (19), the problems recorded with the voting ballots during the morning.

“We’re satisfied. There was a huge amount of work in the face of the fear campaign and all the dirty campaign they carried out (the opposition campaign). Now, let the polls be opened,” he said after voting at the National Technological University in the Almagro neighborhood – close to the tourist region of Palermo.

Milei was welcomed by hundreds of voters in front of the polling place who shouted “president, president”.

Asked about the problems reported about voting ballots – the so-called ballots, he minimized the concerns.

“The tickets are there. We are fine, we are calm. It may be that [as cédulas] are already at the polls”, he said, when responding about the lack of ballots for the “A Liberdade Avança” candidacy at some voting tables.

After Milei’s coalition cast doubt on the electoral process, the candidacy deliberately decided to deliver fewer ballots for the second round. In Argentina, the papers used for voting are provided by each candidate and the National Electoral Chamber suggests 350 ballots for each of the 104,577 ballot boxes.

Milei’s campaign, however, chose to deliver a smaller volume. Reports cite around 100 ballots per ballot box. The argument is that the ballots “could be stolen”.

After voting, the candidate said he would return to the Hotel Libertador, the center of the candidate’s campaign.

“Let’s go to the bunker and wait for the people who work at the Alliance. And we hope that tomorrow there will be more hope and not so much continuity and decay.”

VIDEO: Javier Milei votes in Buenos Aires

Source: CNN Brasil

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