“Mini Glória Maria” dreams of being a journalist and says goodbye: “My greatest inspiration in life”

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Mirella Archangelo is 16 years old and dreams of studying journalism when she finishes school. She and her brothers put together a team and formed the “Jornal Mirim”, where they published material recorded on a YouTube channel.

The brothers are supported by the production of the newspaper that deals with the most diverse subjects. One of the videos made showed the reality of the bumpy street, ended up going viral on social media and caught the attention of Glória Maria, who decided to go to Ribeirão Preto, where Mirella lives, to record a report together with her.

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The journalist appeared by surprise to meet Mirella. “I didn’t know that she would come here to meet me, I was very moved and I still feel that feeling today”, said the 16-year-old girl about the moment she saw the journalist at her home.

The two recorded together a report on the potholes in the street in the neighborhood. The video was shown on “Fantástico”. The day with Gloria was “magical”, as Mirella says.

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“She had coffee with my grandmother. Then she was talking to me and my brothers. She asked if we had any questions to ask her. It was really nice,” said the teenager.

After what she lived with her greatest inspiration, Mirella says that she felt very fulfilled that day and that she became even more inspired by Gloria “She is an inspiration to me, not only as a journalist, but also as a person, as a woman. ”

This Wednesday (02), Mirella found out about Gloria’s death through a message from her mother. She says the process has been very difficult to lose someone she has always admired so much.

However, she says she wants to keep the good memories with her. “It’s been very difficult, but I want to keep the good times in my memory”.

About Gloria’s legacy, Mirella says she believes that the journalist is “eternal”.

“She is proof that black women from the periphery can get where they want. They can become journalists, they can conquer the world, they can interview Madonna. It’s about keeping dreaming and making sure you can make it, she said that to me when she came here.”

For Mirella, Glória is a worldwide inspiration and should be remembered by everyone as someone who broke all barriers and showed that “she could get where she wanted, all she had to do was want to”.

Glória Maria died this Thursday (2) after battling lung cancer and brain metastasis.

Source: CNN Brasil

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