Miss Universe 2023 did not bathe for weeks to win the pageant

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Bathing daily is among the main practices of good hygiene, otherwise when people do not wash for several days, they start to give off an unpleasant odor and do not look their best.

Even so, more and more people are choosing to change this habit and take more time to shower, because they consider that it is good for not damaging the natural barrier of the skin, or because they like how their hair and skin look, like the Miss Universe of the United States, who recently revealed that she had not bathed during the two weeks that she competed in the beauty pageant.

She hasn’t washed her hair or showered since 2022.

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Photograph showing R'Bonney Nola Gabriel posing with her crown, flowers and the United States flag after winning the Miss Universe pageant

After the controversy that caused her to win the crown in the 71st edition of the Miss Universe contest, on January 14, R’Bonney Nola Gabriel gave an interview to insidersin which she revealed the secrets that led her to be crowned the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Among all the excitement and happiness for having won the contest, in addition to having achieved it with a lot of effort, dedication and discipline, the 28-year-old fashion designer confessed that during the two weeks of the competition she did not wash her hair or shower, since he was looking to maintain his self-tan.

 R'Bonney Nola Gabriel miss universe posing in an elevator while some buildings are seen behind

People think it’s funny because we go on stage and we look so beautiful and fresh. But I actually felt so dirty when I got to the final. I haven’t washed my hair in all this time since I left for the contest on the first of January.

–R’Bonney Nola Gabriel

He had a good reason for not showering

 R'Bonney Nola Gabriel posing while a makeup artist sprays her arm with a spray tan

Although many imagine that perhaps R’Bonney did not shower or wash her hair because she was dirty or because she simply does not like to do it, the answer is simple, because the young woman was trying to maintain the incredible color of her skin and hair, since At the beginning of the year he had another contest and he liked how it looked.

Faced with the warning that if she used certain products or if she wet her skin a lot, she could lose the color of her dye and, above all, her spectacular skin tone, the 28-year-old American preferred not to bathe or wet her hair in all that time to keep it during the contest.

R'Bonney Nola Gabriel being crowned during the Miss Universe pageant

However, despite not having showered to keep the tan on his skin and that shine in his hair intact, this brought triumph. Finally, the fashion designer confessed that she felt dirty and she couldn’t help but think that she hadn’t bathed in many days, she even assured that on the day of the aforementioned interview she hadn’t.

Source: Okchicas

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