Moon and Mars are in conjunction this Friday, here’s how to observe phenomenon

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An astronomical phenomenon can be observed in the sky this Friday morning (19). THE Moon in a waning phase, and the planet Mars will be in conjunction. The “encounter” marks the last sky phenomenon of August, according to NASA.

The conjunction can be observed with the naked eye, as long as the sky is not covered by clouds in its region. To appreciate the phenomenon, however, you will need to wake up early or go to sleep late, because the best time of visibility occurs between 3:30 and 5:30 am, when the stars will be higher in the sky.

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To identify the planet Mars, just look at a point similar to a bright, reddish star on the right side of the Moon.

Binoculars and sky-watching apps can enhance the experience.

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In addition to the conjunction Moon and Mars, it will also be possible to observe this morning the famous Star Cluster of the Pleiades, popularly known as “The Seven Sisters” (Merope, Maia, Alcione, Asterope, Electra, Taigete and Celeno), which will be in the upper left corner. from Mars, NASA said.

“The Moon makes its way east to join Mars on August 19. This is another good pair to observe with binoculars, plus you find the pair super close to the Pleiades – you can even observe them all in the same field of view,” NASA wrote on its website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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