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MP denounces DF delegates investigated for illegal wiretaps against women

The Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT) denounced the former director general of the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) Robson Cândido and delegate Thiago Peralva for crimes such as stalking, threats and illegal wiretapping.

Confirmation of the complaint was made by the Investigation and External Control of Police Activity Unit (NCAP) to CNN .

Prosecutors concluded that Cândido, a retired police officer, used restricted Civil Police systems to persecute a woman with whom he had an extramarital relationship. Peralva, then head of a police station in Ceilândia (DF), was accused of illegally entering the victim’s data into the monitoring system.

“[Os dois] They also used assets belonging to the Civil Police, such as unmarked vehicles, corporate cell phones, official cars and cell phones belonging to other delegates from the General Directorate of the PCDF to commit crimes against women in situations of domestic violence,” says an excerpt from the complaint. .

In the investigations, prosecutors stated that Robson Cândido had kept the wiretap even after leaving the corporation’s top position on October 2.

Furthermore, the MPDFT says that there is evidence that the former director general, while in office, chased the victim and surprised her on the street and in places frequented by her on several occasions.

With this complaint reported to the DF Court, the process now takes place in the judicial sphere. The Court of Justice decides whether it accepts the complaint and they become defendants or whether it does not accept it.


Two weeks ago, an NCAP operation with the Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco) arrested Robson Cândido and carried out a search warrant at Thiago Peralva’s house and at the 19th police station, which he headed. The unit is identified as the place where the illegal wiretaps were made.

The court ordered him to be removed from office and wear an electronic ankle bracelet for 90 days.

A CNN He sought the defense of the former director, but was unable to get any response. Peralva’s lawyer could not be reached.

Source: CNN Brasil

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