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Request with racist phrase is investigated by the police in RS

A delivery order made with a racist phrase is being investigated by the Civil Police of Campo Bom, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. The request, made this Tuesday (14) via an app, said: “Last time a black motorcycle courier came, I kindly ask you to send a white one, I don’t like people like that touching my food”.

The restaurant canceled the order and contacted the Civil Police. According to Rodrigo Câmara, the delegate responsible for the investigations, the person requesting the request is not a resident of the address indicated for delivery. The police are trying to find out who the author of the phrase is

“If the intention was to offend someone specifically, they will be liable for the crime of racial insult. On the other hand, if the intention was to discriminate against a group of people based on the color of their skin, then they must be responsible for one of the criminal types of racism. We will investigate, find out who was responsible and all the circumstances of the crime”, says the case delegate.

The store’s owner, Daniela Rodrigues, told CNN that orders made through the app are automatically entered into the system and upon receiving the request, she questioned the customer via the platform’s chat. The order has been cancelled. On the advice of the app’s support, she filed a complaint against the user and filed a police report.

“Any form of discrimination or prejudice based on skin color with the aim of embarrassing, humiliating or shaming this group of people is considered a crime”, explains the delegate who adds “nNo hypothesis is ruled out and the perpetrator of the crime, when his participation is identified and proven, must be indicted and may be arrested.”

The delivery person mentioned in the order note is the owner of the store and married to Daniela Rodrigues. The couple’s lawyers are following the investigations with the Civil Police and claim that the only black person is the owner of the establishment, “andOn busy days, he makes deliveries and is the only black person in the store, so it couldn’t have been for anyone else, it was definitely for him.”

In a note sent to CNN, IFood informs that it vehemently repudiates any racist attitude, whether physical or verbal, and that as soon as it learned of the case, it identified the customer in question. The user created the account on the application on November 14th and made this single order. The delivery platform reiterated that it sought contact with the owners of the establishment to provide the necessary support, “we are already taking steps to block the customer and remain available to the authorities for any necessary information. It is important to highlight that this type of behavior completely violates the platform’s terms of use and that we do not tolerate any type of discrimination.”

The company also said that in “cases of physical and verbal violence, iFood delivery partners have the support of the Legal and Psychological Support Center, a service in partnership with the global organization of black lawyers, Black Sisters In Law, which provides a lawyer to follow the case in a personalized and humanized way. To gain access, professionals need to access the Serious Case Alert area, within the iFood app for Deliverers, and file a report with all the case information.”

*under the supervision of Elis Franco

Source: CNN Brasil

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