MPF spoke out against Ribeiro’s arrest, but says that alleged crimes had its “support”

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The Federal Public Ministry told the Federal Court that the evidence presented by the Federal Police indicates that the alleged crimes committed in the Ministry of Education “had the support” of the then Minister Milton Ribeiro. The Federal Police asked for the arrest, but the MPF defended the application of precautionary measures.

For prosecutor Carolina Martins Miranda de Oliveira, the evidence collected and already documented points to the practice of crimes of active corruption, influence peddling, malfeasance and administrative law, all in the context of a criminal organization.

“As well pointed out by the Police Authority, the crimes investigated were committed within the scope of the Ministry of Education, apparently, with the support of the then Head of the Ministry”, said the MPF.

The prosecutor also stated that “these are influential people, with vast knowledge in the political sphere, who may use their knowledge to hinder investigations”.

According to the MPF, a report prepared by the CGU found that there are indications that demonstrate the possible participation of people linked to the former minister in the commission of crimes.

The MPF was in favor of breaching confidentiality, but suggested precautionary measures, such as a ban on communication between the aforementioned, as an alternative to preventive detention, which Judge Renato Borelli denied.

The PF served an arrest warrant against the minister and pastors Arilton Moura and Gilmar dos Santos on Wednesday (22), but they were released today after a decision by judge Ney Bello, from TRF1.

In another part of the opinion, the MPF shows the PF discovered that Pastor Arilton Moura asked a businessman from Piracicaba for R$ 100,000 in exchange for holding an event for the ministry in the interior of São Paulo.

According to the PF, of this amount, Luciano Musse, former manager of the MEC, received R$ 20 thousand. Another R$ 30,000 was transferred to the former advisor to the city hall of Goiânia, Hélder Bartolomeu.

For the PF, “the layers of action are perceptible and perfectly individualize the conduct, and the former Minister of Education was the one who conferred the prestige of the federal public administration on the performance of Pastors Gilmar and Arilton, “giving them honors and prominence in the performance portfolio, even internally, on the premises of the Ministry of Education’s headquarters, and, above all, at events where the pastors were part of the ceremonial device”.

“Luciano’s infiltration of the portfolio’s civil servants demonstrates the sophistication of Orcrim’s aggressive performance, which indicates contempt for administrative probity and public faith. Helder had his account used to receive bribes and also traveled with the pastors’ entourage. It should be noted that Helder is Arilton’s son-in-law and at the time of the facts he was registered to receive the coronavoucher, as shown in the final report of the CGU “, said the PF.

Source: CNN Brasil

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