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My watch – alarm clock 8.5.1

My watch: Alarm clock is a beautiful alarm clock app with great music as alarm sounds. It has a simple and user friendly interface with great themes.

The advanced alarm function will help you wake up in the morning or remind you of daily tasks. It also offers various clock widgets to decorate your home screen.

Download for free and set an alarm in the easiest way!

Main characteristics:

  • Alarm Clock: Sleep better and wake up softly with beautiful alarm sounds.
  • Date alarm: Set an alarm for a specific date in the future.
  • Repeating alarm: set a one-time or repeating alarm on selected days.
  • Alarm Widget: Easily set an alarm right from your home screen.
  • Automatically sort alarms in the order in which they sound or by time of day.
  • Use your own background: add your favorite photos to the alarm screen.
  • Long Alarm Label: Take notes about alarms.
  • Beautiful alarm sounds: use ringtones, MP3 songs, online radio or wake up music.
  • Useful for those who are fast asleep: set loud alarm sounds and vibration to wake up on time. Never oversleep or miss a meeting.
  • Alarm Clock with Spotify: Connect Spotify to our alarm clock and use your favorite songs or playlists as alarm sounds.
  • Solve math problems to turn off the alarm: avoid accidentally turning off the alarm.
  • Fade-in Volume: Wake up to a beautiful morning in a soft and progressive way with a gradual increase in the alarm volume (alarm fade-in).
  • Set a specific volume for each alarm: You can override the system alarm volume and adjust the volume level of each alarm.
  • Alarm clock with many snooze options: Clock has a very large snooze button and provides different snooze options like pressing the home button. Set the snooze duration or turn off snooze for each alarm.
  • Auto-off alarm: Set to snooze or turn off the alarm for a specified time.
  • Upcoming Alarm Notification: Get notifications before an alarm goes off.
  • Music Box: The Clock has a lot of beautiful songs as a sound signal (you’ll love them!).
  • Skip next alarm: awake already? Just skip the next alarm without canceling the recurring alarm.
  • Delete alarm after close: If you have set a one-time alarm, you can remove it from the alarm after close.
  • Simple alarm clock interface: Customize your alarm list with various options.
  • Reliable alarm clock: “Watch” has a modern alarm algorithm to wake up on time 100%.

Built-in features:

  • Nightstand Mode: Turn your phone into a gorgeous bedside clock. Use it in the app or as a night clock on your screensaver. Now it has tons of beautiful themes! (select analog or digital clock).
  • Analog Clock Widget: Decorate your home screen with amazing clock faces.

Outstanding Features:

  • The alarm will go off even in silent mode, do not disturb mode or flight mode. The alarm clock will automatically set the alarm after the phone restarts.
  • Hey Google: Our Smart Alarm makes it easy to set an alarm with voice commands via Google Assistant (just say “Hey Google, set your alarm for tomorrow at 6am” and that’s it!).
  • Backup alarms and settings: Backup and restore alarms and app settings.

Clock is a simple and easy to use alarm clock app. It is much better than other alarm clocks. Download Clock: Alarm clock for free now!

Source: Trash Box

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