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Netanyahu: A serious case of terrorism that was successfully prevented by the Greek security forces

An announcement came from the Press Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, about the dismantling of the terrorists by the Greek authorities who will attempt to blow up the restaurant in Psirri during rush hour. “The case that was revealed today in Greece is one serious case that was successfully prevented by the Greek security forces» is initially mentioned in the announcement.

“It was an additional attempt by Iran to commit terrorism against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad. After the start of the investigation of the suspects in Greece, the Mossad provided intelligence assistance to expose the infrastructure, its working methods and the connection with Iran revealed that the infrastructure operating in Greece is part of an extensive Iranian network originating in Iran and extending to many countries. The Mossad, together with its partners in the community, is working tirelessly to prevent intended Iranian attacks around the world.” refers to the continuation of the announcement from his press office Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel Foreign Ministry: Thank you Greece for preventing the terrorist attack against Jewish and Israeli targets

The Greek government and the Greek intelligence and security services to prevent it of terrorism attack against Jewish and Israeli targets, Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen thanks via Twitter.

Terrorism is a common enemy and fighting it is our top priority, the head of Israeli diplomacy also underlines and adds: “The Ayatollah government in Tehran is exporting terrorism to the Middle East and the entire world, and only with a firm and common stance will we be able to stop the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime.”.

Source: News Beast

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