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Netflix in the name of Made in Italy: upcoming projects, from Alessandro Borghi-Rocco Siffredi to Vasco Rossi’s docuseries

The Netflix calendar for the next season, previewed by the event What’s Next, includes a rich and varied menu, for all Italian genres and formats. Two films and two series are added to the projects already announced and, when given in hand, they promise more than good. A high-level offering presented today in Rome by the platform team with a crowded cast of artists, from Monica Guerritore to Edoardo Scarpetta: transgenerational, therefore, with very different themes, from the historical Bildungsroman to the biopic.

But let’s go in order: in addition to the new entries, there are nine series made in Italy, two films, a docuseries (Vasco Rossi: the survivorarriving on September 27) and an unscripted on rap with Fabri Fibra on the hunt for talent, New scene – Rhythm + Flow Italia (branded Freemantle).


On November 1st, after the preview at the Rome Film Festival, it arrives on Netflix New Olympus Of Ferzan Ozpetek, the rainbow love story of two young people who later find each other as adults, with all that maturity entails. In the cast the main roles are played by Damiano Gavino, Andrea Di Luigi, Luisa Ranieri, Greta Scarano, Aurora Giovinazzo, Alvise Rigo, Giancarlo Commare and Jasmine Trinca.

November 21st is time for entertainment with Leo, to which Adam Sandler lends his original voice. In Italy the task falls to Edoardo Leo: «The protagonist – explains the Roman actor – is a 75 year old lizard/iguana. I had a lot of fun, even if it wasn’t easy to replicate that dubbing model. And at a certain point I also sing.”

Two films are added to the announced projects: The children’s train And Maker of tears.

The children’s trainwith the participation of Stefano Accorsi, is based on the novel by Viola Ardone. Directed by Cristina Comencini, is the story of an all-Italian post-war period in which wagons and wagons full of children born into poor families set off from Southern Italy and headed north in search of a better life, starting from a less poor place to spend the winter of 1946 «When I wrote the book – explains the author during the Capitol presentation – I imagined the moments as sequences of a film». No sooner said than done, the project will soon arrive on the platform with a cast that includes Barbara Ronchi, Serena Rossi, Christian Cervone, Francesco Di Leva, Antonia Truppo, Monica Nappo and Nunzia Schiano.

The maker of tears is inspired by the best-selling book in the Peninsula in 2022, the bestseller by Erin Doom published by Magazzini Salani. Alessandro Genovesi directs this young adult story about two boys played by Caterina Ferioli and Biondo (stage name of Simone Baldasseroni). They are both orphans, who end up under the same roof and begin a journey together despite themselves: Nica and Rigel have different and yet similar stories with scars that perhaps together they can heal.

The TV series

There are two series announced during the event: History of my family And Adoration.

In the dramedy History of my family – with Eduardo Scarpetta, Vanessa Scalera, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Cristiana Dell’Anna, Antonio Gargiulo – there is much that is autobiographical about the screenwriter Filippo Gravino: «I wanted to tell a story that laughed at death – he explains – and spoke of my greatest fear, remain alone.” This is how the story of the last day of the protagonist, Fausto’s life, was born, a journey with very varied tones. «As soon as they made me read the script – Scarpetta echoes – I liked the story. I said: “I’m there, I like it, I want to be there”. Fausto, father of two children, is diagnosed with an illness but is the most lively person among those he knows: married to an unreliable American, he must found what in The Ignorant Fairies is called a “logical” family, in the face of a “organic””.



With Adoration the tune is completely changed: the story is freely based on the novel by Alice Urciolo and boasts a cast of very young people including Federico Russo (former face of Cesaroni). This young adult crime film, which has just begun filming, is linked to the disappearance of Elena (Alice Lupparelli) and brings with it secrets and mysteries. «In the project – anticipates Ilenia Pastorelli, one of the adults in the story – I play a woman abandoned by her husband who would like to enter into a relationship with her children and at the same time protect them».

The two new projects are joined by three welcome returns, the second season of The law of Lidia Poët And Everything asks for salvationin addition to the reboot Suburraeterna (coming November 14th).

Lidia Poët (Matilda De Angelis) meets a new character, played by Gianmarco Saurino, who explains: «I play Fourneau, the king’s new prosecutor, a listening man who recognizes the protagonist’s talent, with whom he establishes an intellectual relationship. This helps make the series contemporary and also educational.”

Federico Cesari takes up the role of Daniele in the sequel Everything asks for salvation, which deals with the delicate topic of mental health. New entry of the season is Drusilla Foer, who with a video message said she was enthusiastic about the opportunity.

In Suburraeterna Spadino returns, played by Giacomo Ferrara: «Three years after the events we know, we experience a return of the character born from the pen of Giancarlo De Cataldo and then declined in 2014 in the film by Stefano Sollima. He and I grew up together, now he is more mature, he has understood who he wants to be but the call of the Suburra will bring him back home.” With him in the cast also Filippo Nigro and Carlotta Antonelli.

Scene Photo, Super Sex – From Left to Right: Alessandro Borghi; Gaia Messerklinger; Vincenzo Nemolato; Claire LothLucia Iuorio / Netflix

Six, then, are stories grappling with the first season and already announced: Supersex with Alessandro Borghi on the life of the porn star Rocco Siffredi; the new adaptation of The Leopard with Kim Rossi Stuart (whose filming has just concluded); Deceitan erotic thriller with Monica Guerritore and Giacomo Gianniotti that recalls vagamento The Gold Digger with Ben Barnes; The life you wanted with Vittoria Schisano, a story of rebirth after the transition set in Salento; Brigandsbased on the events of brigandage in the South after the unification of Italy but with a feminine slant; Will be with Teresa Saponangelo, a coming-of-age novel that pits her against Claudia Gerini.



New heroes and great myths

On 27 September Vasco Rossi talks about himself in six episodes of the docuseries of the same name, renaming himself Il survivor: «I pushed – he says in a video message to the press – the rewind button to tell my version of my story, an experience that I wanted to have as a seasoned influencer that I am. The camera followed me everywhere and I fondly saw that boy full of dreams who wanted to live life his way. For the occasion I also composed an unreleased song entitled The mistakes you make. Incidentally, I would do it all over again in my reckless life.”

Still on the musical theme, it ends on a high note with the talent show hosted by Fabri Fibra, Geolier and Rose Villain, New scene – Rhythm + Flow Italia to find the new face of rap with a prize of 100 thousand euros up for grabs starting from Rome, Naples and Milan.

Ferzan Ozpetek

Virginia Bettoja, Netflix

Edoardo Scarpetta and Gianmarco Saurino

Virginia Bettoja, Netflix

Edoardo Scarpetta and Gianmarco Saurino

Virginia Bettoja, Netflix
SeeWhatsNext_Rome_2023_Virginia Bettoja, Netflix
SeeWhatsNext_Rome_2023_Virginia Bettoja, Netflix
SeeWhatsNext_Rome_2023_Virginia Bettoja, Netflix

The Leopard with Kim Rossi Stuart


The life you wanted



Gianni Fiorito

The law of Lidia Poët 2

Source: Vanity Fair

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