New corona regulations in European countries, Italy tightening restrictions on rally

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Italy’s Prime Minister Conte announced on the 13th new restrictions on rallying, restaurants, sports and school activities following the re-expansion of the new coronavirus.

This is the second time the government has announced tightening restrictions in the past week, but the content is lenient compared to other European countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain. It banned restaurants, clubs and outdoor parties, and strongly advised not to hold home parties or meetings with more than six people.

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The new measures will come into force within 24 hours and will last for 30 days.

According to health officials, the number of new cases of new corona infection in Italy has reached 5,901 in the past 24 hours, the highest number since late March. There were 41 dead.

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In the UK, the death toll from the new corona infection reached 143 on the 13th, the highest number since June. The cumulative total is over 43,000. The number of newly infected people was 17,234, an increase from 13,972 the day before.

In Spain, a strike was held on this day by hundreds of doctors in charge of initial medical care. The total number of infected people in the country is approaching 900,000, and the death toll is over 33,000. “We’re looking for help because we can’t provide the resources needed for treatment,” said a doctor who attended a four-day strike in Barcelona.

French health officials announced on the same day that there were 12,993 newly infected people in the last 24 hours. It increased from 8505 on the previous day, but decreased significantly from 26,896 on the 10th.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has expressed his intention to reintroduce partial lockdowns, such as the closure of bars and restaurants. It will last for two weeks from the 14th. About 7,400 people were newly infected on the 13th. The number of infected people per capita is the highest in the world.

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