U.S. men suspect corona reinfection, immunity and vaccine effects

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Researchers are skeptical about the effects of immunity and vaccines after a case of a man living in Nevada, USA, being re-infected with the new coronavirus was reported in the British medical journal The Lancet. Is increasing.

The man, 25, reportedly had a positive corona test in April after developing mild symptoms. After that, the symptoms reappeared in late May, and the second time the symptoms were severe. This man is now recovering.

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Dutch health officials also announced on the same day that an 89-year-old woman died after being re-infected with corona. The woman is said to have had bone marrow cancer.

In addition, corona reinfection has been confirmed in various parts of the world such as Asia, but it is still a rare case.

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“The potential for corona reinfection is becoming more apparent, but we still don’t know how common it can be,” said Simon Clarke, a microbiology expert at Leading University.

“If people are easily re-infected, it will affect the prospects for vaccine development programs and when and how to end the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Brendan Len, a professor of vaccine science at the University of London, points out that Nevada men are still the fifth confirmed case in the world. “The possibility of corona reinfection suggests that the corona vaccine may not have a complete protective effect. However, given that there are more than 40 million people infected worldwide, there are only a handful of cases of reinfection. It’s just that, and it doesn’t hinder the efforts of vaccine development. “

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