New explosion in Beirut in less than 24 hours leaves at least one dead and several injured


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This Saturday a new explosion took place in Beirut, leaving at least one dead and several injured, the second deflagration that has caused fatalities in two consecutive days after at least four people died this Friday.

The beginning of the weekend was marked by tragedy when on Friday a fuel tank exploded in a bakery in the center of the capital. A large number of people were injured, the Lebanese Red Cross reported.

On this occasion, the incident occurred in a restaurant located in the Al Sayeda area, in the Beirutian neighborhood of Ashrafieh.

“We were cleaning the street when suddenly a strong explosion shook the place and everything started to fall. A tank of diesel or gasoline exploded in the air and then fell, causing a fire and cutting the power lines … and the people ran away. We still don’t know the causes, “said Ali Ghannam, a witness at the scene.

This new explosion is the third to shake the country since the tragedy of August 4, when a fire in a warehouse in the port of Beirut caused the explosion of a shipment of ammonium nitrate, which caused 202 deaths, more than 6,500 injured and left more than 300,000 people homeless.

In addition, a month later there was another large fire of unknown causes in a warehouse in the Beiruti port where oil and tires were kept.

Source euronews

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