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Nicole Bahls and Hugo Gloss joke in a good-natured interaction at CCXP

Nicole Bahls and Hugo Gloss made several jokes and made the CCXP23 audience laugh this Saturday (2). They were chosen to present the Paramount+ panels.

The duo conducted conversations with the cast of “Drag Race Brasil”, “The Return of the Thundermans”, “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Halo”, respectively.

In the first chat, Nicole demonstrated her intimacy with the world of drag queens and even said that she wanted to be one of the “daughters” of Grag Queen the host of the reality show.

Nicole and Hugo asked the drag queens to explain the meaning of “shade” (criticism between drag friends) and “vogue” (choreography based on poses from magazine covers), both pajubá terms (expressions used by people from the LGBTQIAP+ community).

The pair of masters of ceremonies also danced on stage, performing for the drag queens. Nicole even did a “vogue” step in front of the guests.

In the second conversation, in English, with actors Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo, the presenter commented that she was tense because she didn’t know how to speak English. Hugo replied that there was an electronic point and that she could speak in Portuguese and she would be understood.

However, every time she tried, it was necessary for Hugo to speak in English to the interviewees. Apparently rehearsed, the action also excited the audience, making the audience laugh.

Source: CNN Brasil

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