No one came to their children’s party, asked for help and invited everyone on Facebook

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Monserrat Cm is a mother of two little boys and she was excited to celebrate their birthdays, so she planned an amazing party. He sent out invitations, prepared delicious food, and even rented a bounce house for the children to enjoy.

The family from Nuevo León, Mexico, waited for all the attendees, but time passed and no one arrived at the place. The woman decided to publish the situation on her social networks and then the magic happened: surprise guests arrived with many gifts.

Monserrat just wanted his children’s birthday to be special

Children's party with inflatables and tables

Gerardo and Asís, ages five and four, were ready to play and have fun with their guests. Her parents rented chairs, tables, and an inflatable for everyone to enjoy the party. In addition, they prepared chillidog, but the hours passed and no one arrived. When the parents called to find out what was wrong, everyone made excuses, many simply said they would not go because “it was too far”, while the rest said nothing, just hung up.

So that the food would not spoil and, especially, so that his children would not be disappointed, Monserrat published on his Facebook account that the party was going on and that it did not matter if they knew it or not, everyone who wanted to go would be welcome .

If they don’t speak to me or they don’t know me, it doesn’t matter, if they like to come, the jumper will be there until 11:00 pm I have chillidog, fried foods and cake. I don’t want the food to stay or that Gera and Asís think they don’t have friends, as they say.

Social media users came with surprises

People at a children's party with inflatables and tables

After a while after he made the post, network users joined in and they did make it to the party! Some did it with their children to play with Gera and Asís. They also ate, enjoyed, and even brought gifts.

People are coming, the party is not alone, I really appreciate the support you give us. The signs of affection for my Gera and Asís. I don’t think I can cope with the food, but I hope you guys have fun. Total thanks, we love you a lot.

Sometimes we do not realize the sacrifice that some parents make to have a party, because they invest time and money to see their children and their guests happy, so before not going to a celebration, think very well how you will make those feel people.

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