No wonder they removed the charger from the box: Apple took first place in the top of innovative companies

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Employees of the American analytical company Boston Consulting Group conducted a series of studies in order to determine the most innovative companies in 2022. It turned out that although two-thirds of the companies that participated in this global study called climate and environmental care a top corporate priority, it is worth noting that only one in five participants is actually ready to act in this direction. The Boston Consulting Group notes that literally every day, large companies and brands make resounding promises about the desire to achieve zero emissions, but only a few of the study participants go beyond promises.

This is why Apple ranked first in the top most innovative companies in 2022 – the employees of the analytical agency in the course of the study evaluated those qualities, technologies, business processes and solutions that allow companies to prepare for solving the many challenges in the field of reducing harmful emissions in atmosphere. Apparently, Apple’s refusal to complete charging, the transition to special materials suitable for further processing and reuse, make themselves felt. In second place is Microsoft, whose recycled plastic computer mice have been actively discussed on the network, and one car manufacturer, Tesla, even made it into the top 10.

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Source: Trash Box

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