Northern Macedonia: 65% believe coronavirus was created in a laboratory to control humans

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The findings are revealing poll for what its citizens believe Northern Macedonia for coronavirus, with 65% of them believing that covid-19 was created in a laboratory for human control. At the same time, 44% believe that the number of patients with covid-19 has increased because money was given to register people who allegedly die from this disease.

At the same time, 46% of respondents believe that viruses and various toxins are sprayed from airplanes.

These are the findings of the poll “The man of the people: Analysis of public opinion on the political demands of citizens” conducted by the Institute of Democracy Societas Civilis (IDSCS) in collaboration with the Presidential Center for Political Education (PCPO), according to euractiv .gr.

“Acceptance of conspiracy theories”

Misa Popovic, head of the center and a senior researcher at the Institute, said in presenting the findings that there appeared to be high acceptance of conspiracy theories among citizens.

72% of citizens believe that the world is controlled by some powerful families, that is, that in some secret summits in some castles in Europe it was decided how history will go, who will come to power, etc.

46% of respondents agree that the climate is controlled by certain satellites or radar, 29% that there is no climate change and 57% believe that the mainstream media is spreading lies.

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