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Old Radio 2.6.35

You are so tired of all this fuss and ubiquitous commerce, so you want to plunge into nostalgia and feel that already almost forgotten atmosphere of leisurely and cozy radio broadcasting. It was for you that the Old Radio application was created, and now the squeaking of your favorite radio recordings can be heard from your Android devices. Old Radio works on both smartphones and tablets.

Even as a child, and maybe in your youth, you probably listened with rapture to radio shows, performances, theaters at the microphone, pioneer songs came from the speakers of the old player, it was fun, joyful, warm and very comfortable in your soul. Has it all disappeared without a trace? Of course not. The first step towards the revival of the sound heritage of the USSR was the creation of the staroeradio.ru project, and now Advanced Software Development is pleased to inform you that it has completed the development of a special Staroe Radio application, thanks to which you can again plunge into nostalgia and listen to good old Soviet radio broadcasting from your Android devices. The tasteful design of the application, without any frills and heaps, does not distract the user from listening to their favorite songs. From the speakers of an improvised receiver, compositions of the Mayak radio wave familiar from childhood are often heard.

By the way, as for radio stations, the Old Radio application offers its users three waves: 1. Old radio. Here you can listen to performances, radio compositions, performances, and the memories of famous people about the events of the time, stories about the Second World War, the voices of its participants and much more are often transmitted on this wave.

2. Children’s radio. Here are collected the best productions, performances and fairy tales, recorded with love and skill. It also offers works required in the school curriculum in literature.3. Music. Your favorite musical compositions and songs from the times of the USSR.

You can select a station using a special switch. In the settings section, you can adjust the sound quality. If your internet connection leaves a lot to be desired, then the lowest playback settings will work just fine.

Naturally, the application will be useful not only for adults. As you have already noticed, there is a Children’s Radio station here, which your children will definitely like. On this radio wave, you can often hear the works of the school curriculum in an inimitable, classical performance. And if your children have not yet gone to school, then together you can listen to wonderful performances and fairy tales, recorded with the greatest love and skill. After all, many of you probably spent evenings with your parents, grandparents, listening to the most interesting stories on the radio. The application will help you not only continue such a good tradition in our time, it will allow you to preserve the heritage of the Russian language with your children, passing on to them a piece of our great culture.

It also has a program guide that will let you know which productions will be broadcasting in the near future.

Source: Trash Box

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