Omicron Mutation – Scotland: Nine Cases Not Related to Trip to South Africa

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Her nine cases Omicron mutation of coronavirus located in Scotland All of them were connected with the same private event, while none of them needed hospitalization, the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sterzon, informed today.

Infections recorded in Scotland make up the majority so far 14 Omicron infections reported in Britain and Sturgeon said none of the nine cases in Scotland appear to be linked to journey from southern Africa.

“All nine cases are connected. “They all come down to a single private event on November 20,” Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament.

No indication of significant dispersion of the new mutation

“We expect that other infections will be identified in the coming days, which are also associated with this event. The fact that all known infections so far associated with this event only it can mean that the transmission to the community is still limited “, she added, according to the ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

Sterzon said the ongoing review of PCR sample results that could be Omicron now reaches as far as November 1st, but the timeline still does not show any correlation with the Climate Change Conference COP26 held in Glasgow.

“So far there is nothing in the wider review by the Scottish Public Health Service to show that the transmission to the community of the new variant is continuous or widespread,” said the Scottish Prime Minister.

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