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Other than Harry, Princess Anna is “the perfect example of spare” (thanks to her sense of duty)

Of course Harry (and all her complaints): She’s the 72-year-old princess Anna «the perfect example of spare». He is convinced of it royal expert Robert Hardmanauthor of the book Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II. Anne, the Queen’s only daughter Elizabeth IIunlike his brother, King Charles III, she didn’t grow up with a crown in her pocket. Yet she has always dedicated herself with all of herself to royal duties, so much so that in 2022 she too deserved the title of busiest royal. This proves – so Hardman explained in an interview with Times – that “even those destined for a peripheral role at court can make a great contribution».

Hardman adds that a “good spare doesn’t pay attention to what the press says about him” and “instead he focuses on what he is good at, on projects in which it can make a difference». Just like Anna, that is patroness of over 300 charitable organizations and thanks to his dedication to the Crown – last year he fulfilled an impressive 214 royal duties, beating (as he had already done in 2022) all the rest of the family – today it is one of the most loved Windsors by the British. The Telegraph, for example, considers her “the best of all of us: tenacious, practical, hardworking, diligent and reserved”. In short: the seventy-two-year-old princess proves that she doesn’t need to grow up with a crown in her pocket to make a difference.

Harry, of course, is of a completely different opinion. The title of his memorial -bomb- Shooti.e. “reserve”, “spare wheel” – is not just an allusion to a well-known saying about the royal family according to which a monarchy must have «an heir and a spare», an heir and a spare part. In the more than five hundred pages of the tome, the Duke of Sussex keeps repeating to us that he is he has always felt literally treated like the “spare part” Of William, the older brother who will one day take the throne of England. For 500 pages, Harry never ceases to remind us of the “second-born complex” that he has experienced since childhood (and which has accompanied him throughout his life). Destined by birth to a second-row role, always behind the future King William. But Harry, as Hardman points out, is certainly not the first spare of the British royal family (nor will it be the last). And someone, from his own position, has shown that he can do a lot. See Princess Anne, just crowned «perfect example of spare».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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