Others did not think of it, and Huawei released a watch with a removable screen. Useful Solution

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Smart watches are usually similar to each other: the maximum screen format is different (round or rectangular), but in general the gadgets are identical. Now, the smart watch market has been replenished with a very unusual Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​model, the dial of which can be removed. This was done not just for the sake of the wow effect – the manufacturer came up with a wide variety of scenarios where such a solution could come in handy.

One of the ideas is to quickly change the watch case to another. Other Huawei ideas involve using the wrist device not as a watch at all – taking the dial out of the case, it can be used as a pendant around the neck, an on-board computer for a bicycle, a bedside alarm clock, an additional rear screen for a smartphone, a companion for a bag, and so on. According to the manufacturer, the Watch GT Cyber ​​case is made of 316L stainless steel, and the device itself has passed 16 military standard durability tests. At the same time, water protection is 5ATM.

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The catch is that the health tracking functions will only be available in the mode of wearing this gadget as a watch. The Watch GT Cyber ​​has all the standard sensors, including a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter. The exact technical specifications have not been disclosed, but it is assumed that the watch is based on the regular Watch GT3 model with the HarmonyOS 3 platform.

Sales in China will start on November 10, prices are already known: $ 175 for the sports version and $ 205 for the “elegant” one.

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