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Pará police arrest man identified as one of the biggest deforesters in the Amazon

The Civil Police of Pará arrested in the interior of the state a farmer considered one of the biggest deforesters in the Amazon.

Geraldo de Oliveira, 60, was arrested on Thursday (9), and the information was confirmed by the Pará Security Secretariat to CNN this Friday (10th).

According to the investigators, the farmer has more than R$40 million in fines imposed by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (Ibama) for environmental crimes.

Geraldo de Oliveira was caught red-handed at Fazenda Ouro Verde, during the “Outsiders” operation, for environmental crimes.

It would have devastated about 1,000 hectares of land within the Triunfo do Xingu Environmental Protection Area, in the Pará municipality of São Félix do Xingu (PA).

Geraldo deforested the forest to turn it into a pasture area and sell the felled wood, according to the police.

Against Geraldo, there was an arrest warrant issued by the Justice since 2019. During this period he obtained habeas corpus and returned to the region, where he was arrested this Thursday (9). Two employees of the farm were charged and must answer for illegally carrying a weapon.

The “Outsiders” operation aims to curb and combat deforestation in areas of responsibility in Pará, in addition to punishing violators.

The operation is coordinated by the Department of Public Security and Social Defense, launched together with the Military, Civil and Scientific Police, the Military Fire Department and the Pará Department of Environment and Sustainability.

The name of the operation refers to outsiders or people coming from other states to work on deforestation on land in Pará.

Source: CNN Brasil

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